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13 Ways to Take Care of Plants to Grow

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made you try a lot of new things, one of which is gardening. Learning how to care for plants can be a fun activity to do. When you manage to create a beautiful and fertile garden, of course you will be very happy, right?

13 Ways to Take Care of Plants to Grow

13 Ways to Take Care of Plants

There are 13 ways to care for plants that you can try in order to create a beautiful garden and thrive:

Choosing the right planting media

How to care for ornamental plants properly, first you have to determine the appropriate planting media for plants.

Planting media is not just soil, Ruppers. There are other mixtures that you must add to the growing media, such as humus, rice husks, coconut husks, sawdust, and others. You can also use water as a growing medium for hydroponic or aquaponic plants.

Choosing a place to plant

You also have to choose the right place to plant, because the way to care for plants in pots can be different from in polybags or in direct soil.

You have to decide where to put your plants so that you don't get the wrong water content in the plants.

Choosing the right plant

To beautify your home, there are many types of ornamental plants that you can use. However, you have to choose the right plants in order to know how to take good care of plants.

Try to choose plants that can live at room temperature (±25°C) so that they can grow well in your home.

Gives enough sunlight

Try to put the plant in a place that gets enough sunlight, including indoor plants. Sunlight is important for good plant care.

Plants need sunlight to photosynthesize, so do indoor plants. So, take out indoor plants in your house regularly to get enough sunlight.

Watering plants with the right technique

The next very important way to care for plants is to water the plants with the right and routine techniques. This is done so that the water supply to the plants can be met.

Do not allow water to stagnate on plants because it can block the oxygen pathway for plants. Water your plants evenly, not too much or too little.

Regulate temperature and humidity

Make sure you know whether the plants you care for can grow in the temperature of the environment where you live.

In addition, you also have to ensure the humidity in the air where you treat the plants. You can outsmart it by using an air humidifier so that the humidity of your plants can be maintained.

Ensure plants are free of pests

Protecting plants from pests and diseases is also a very important way of caring for plants.

You can keep your plants safe from pests by providing good nutrition for plants, maintaining soil quality, moving plants regularly, and trimming weeds around your plants.

Cutting dry or dead parts

If you see any part of the plant that is dry or dead, cut it immediately and throw away the damaged part, Ruppers.

The damaged parts of the plant can spread the damage to those that are still alive and well. So, immediately cut the dry or dead parts so they don't interfere with the whole plant.

Using natural fertilizers

Avoid using chemical fertilizers, Ruppers. You can use natural fertilizers, such as manure, compost, organic fertilizer, or recycled fertilizer so that your plants can thrive.

Provides essential nutrients for plants

The next way to care for plants that is no less important is to provide important nutrients for your plants. The nutrients that plants need are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.

These nutrients are actually already in the soil, but will disappear over time. So, you can give these nutrients to your plants separately or by changing the soil regularly.

Regularly changing pots

This method may be considered trivial, but it is also important, Ruppers. You can change the pots of your plants regularly.

The plants will of course grow bigger, so you have to change the pots to adjust the size of your plants. This is done so that the plant has enough space to grow again.

Pruning weeds

Surely you often find weeds growing around your plants. Weeds can make your plants attacked by pests or diseases.

So, be diligent to clean the weeds that grow around your plants regularly.

Maintain cleanliness around the park

The last way to care for plants is to maintain cleanliness around plants or pots. Avoid piles of garbage such as plastic, cans, and others around your plants.

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